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COVID-19 sucks. Lets do what we can to help some folks out. image

COVID-19 sucks. Lets do what we can to help some folks out.

Baseball folk and friends of the BBQ, please give what you can


$8,372 towards $3,000

Hey everyone,

Over the last 7 years Jordan and I have put mountains and mountains of free baseball goodness on the internet. If you've ever felt like we kinda entertained you even a little, please consider taking some of that money you didn't spend to make a donation to Martha's Table, a MVP-level organization in DC that I volunteered with as a kid.

With this COVID-19 rubbish going on, it's a really really tough time for a lot of folks out there and Martha's Table is doing everything they can to help. Please try and give what you can -- a buck, two bucks, the 15 bucks you woulda spent on a Yankee Stadium Bud Light, whatever -- it all counts. Jordan and I will be matching all the donations up to 3,000 doll hairs.

Stay joyful and kind to one another during this crappy time everyone. And like a well-located 0-0 2-seam fastball STAY THE HELL INSIDE. Love you all.

Jake Mintz

PS: Here's some more actual information on where your donation will be going to.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Martha’s Table is doubling down on their mission to support strong children, strong families, and strong communities. With our help, they are stepping up to provide an unprecedented level of support for our community.

Every single family with a child enrolled in their education programs will receive:

  • A weekly stipend from Martha’s Table to ensure their children and families are stable throughout the closure of our education center,
  • Gift cards to grocery stores or food delivery services,
  • A supply of diapers, wipes, and formula to take home, and
  • Educational content through digital technologies to help promote at-home learning.

With over 162,000 visits to Martha's Table's healthy food markets last year, it is more important than ever to increase access to nutrient-rich foods and shelf-stable items. To ensure every neighbors has access to healthy food, Martha's Table is:

  • Partnering with DC Health, the Capital Area Food Bank, and DC Public and Charter Schools to provide students with no-cost bags of fresh fruits, vegetables, and shelf-stable items at designated food access sites throughout the city. Martha's Table will reinstate their 46 school-based markets when schools reopen.
  • Providing pre-bagged fresh fruits, vegetables, and shelf-stable items at no cost to all neighbors visiting their two locations in Southeast and Northwest D.C., and
  • Continuing their longest running program, McKenna’s Wagon, to provide pre-packaged meals downtown to those who may be experiencing hunger or homelessness.

It is exactly in times like these that we need to stand up and do what is right to support our community. Thank YOU for helping make our community strong.